Dear promoters,

Kugelschreiber, Notizblöcke, Gummibärchen und Jutebeutel? Wir würden als Kunden lieber mit innovativen und nützlichen Produkten beschenkt! Für unser System brauchen wir nur eine Seite der Anhänger. Die andere Seite wartet darauf mit dem Firmenlogo verschönert zu werden.  

Wir haben für diesen Zweck ein Online-Tool entwickelt. Damit kann man das eigene Logo auf dem Anhänger platzieren und sich ganz unverbindlich Vorschaubilder und eine Preisliste zuschicken lassen.

Einfach weiter scrollen und ausprobieren!

Innovative promotional items for the world - 

together with the Techboost program from the Telekom.

How does it work?

You label your valuables with a supplied QR Code (key tag, sticker, etc.)

When one of your valuables is lost the finder can contact you via a Chat platform. It is completely anonymous without requiring an address or any other personal information. You then can agree on a method of returning the lost item to get it back in the right hands as quickly as possible.

This short, 1-minute animated clip demonstrates how the Patavinus App works.

Try it out!

Then try it out directly - get your mobile phone and scan this code like a finder would:

We've tested it for you!

In this video (in German) we've tested how many keys with Patavinus come back, if you lose it. The success rate was stunning: 70 out of 100 came back!


Furthermore, Moritz Armbrust (CEO of Patavinus) explains the idea and how the team came up with it.

Securing Patavinus codes in many variants

From affordable to exclusive: promotional items from Patavinus are very variable with regards to the costs.

Tags for keys
Give your customers a key tag as a gift. During our test, 70% of keys came back.
Sticker for Smartphones, etc.
Sticker with Patavinus Codes are an affordable promotional item to protect valuables like smartphones, laptops, etc.
Tags for bags
In the train or in a restaurant: bags are lost way too often. Help your customers with tags for bags.
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See how successful the promotional items is on charts

How often gets a pen as promotional item used? Or how often someone drinks out of a cup? Nobody knows. However, with Patavinus you do know! We can tell you how many of your promotional items have been activated which gives you the ability to assess the success of your promotion.

How many codes have been activated?

How many times got a valuable back because of your tag?

On which valuables are the tags attached?

Important: Due to privacy concerns, you only get aggregated data. No personal information will be forwarded to you.

Pens are as emotional as going to toilette

Try to remember a situation in which you've found back a valuable...

… an excess of endorphines sets you into euphoria. You are more than glad that your beloved dog is back, or that you don't have to pay an expensive key service. 

All that because of the brand you got the Patavinus tag from. 

 In Germany alone, 79.000 valuables are being lost each year.
That means 2.8 mio chances to boost up your brand positively.

Patavinus protects your data privacy

Completely anonymous chat platform

There is no personal information saved

The finder does not need an app or software, chat occurs via browse


We should talk...

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Moritz Armbrust

0160 / 922 167 07

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Sticker for Smartphones, etc.

Sticker with Patavinus Codes are an affordable promotional item to protect valuables like smartphones, laptops, etc.