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The Patavinus App helps you in relocating your valuables.


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Together we save the life of 1000 turtles

By buying our pendants or stickers we save the life of a turtle on Bali in cooperation with the Turtle Conservation And Education Center (TCEC). In the wild, only 1 in 1000 turtle eggs manage to survive against enemies such as birds, cats or humans. In the TCEC 800 out of 1000 turtles manage to be born.

More security with our products

Have you found an item with a code and are not sure who it belongs to?

You can contact the owner anonymously here and help them get their missing item back in their hands. Who knows, maybe you’ll receive a finders reward but you’ll have positive karma at the very least, and the comfort in knowing you helped someone in need.

How does Patavinus work?

You label your valuables with a supplied QR Code (key tag, sticker, etc.)

When one of your valuables is lost the finder can contact you via a Chat platform. It is completely anonymous without requiring an address or any other personal information. You then can agree on a method of returning the lost item to get it back in the right hands as quickly as possible.

This short, 1-minute animated clip demonstrates how the Patavinus App works.

Try it out!

Then try it out directly - get your mobile phone and scan this code like a finder would:

We've tested for you!

In Nuremberg we've lost 100 keys in February 2019. 70 of which came back within only a few hours. So we've learned: people are awesome and helpful! 

This video is in German, but you can get some impressions of our test.


Furthermore, our CEO Moritz Armbrust explains the idea and how we came up with the idea.

Patavinus protects your data privacy

Completely anonymous chat platform

There is no personal information saved

The finder does not need an app or software, chat occurs via browser


Thanks to our partners, who together with us want to make the world a little more helpful: